Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Consumer Reports - Defcon 1

It's official...I've read the entire Consumer Report's website from Avent to Zooper (brands I had never heard of until now). Did you know that half the stuff on the baby market can maim or injure your child? I know that's not 100% true, but their reports don't exactly make me feel "comforted." It's seems like almost all items have been recalled (at least once) because of possible choking hazards. Call me crazy, but shouldn't that be one of the MAIN CONCERNS of designers?

"Let me see, Phil...I like the Pooh blanket, but it needs something. How about some little tiny plastic jars of honey. Yea, honey. And we should make them honey flavored so babies can taste them. Sweet candy goodness. Oh, and a Velcro backing. Brilliant!"

Then I find out that half the stuff invented to keep baby safe, when placed near your baby, will actually double your chances of baby getting hurt. For instance, the Secure Sleeper (as advertised: the ultimate in safe sleeping for babies) actually creates a mini-minefield of smother spots. While it might look all fluffy and cozy, Consumer Reports says it's made from asbestos, porcupine quills and vodka.

Once again, that might not be 100% true, but that's all I could envision when I was reading the CR warning. I just pictured a tattooed, mohawked baby offering Secure Sleeper naps to other babies. "Hey Peanut! First nap is free. Just try a taste...everybody else is doing it!" Before you know it, our baby is all hopped up vod-bestos naps. The paranoia of protection is already getting to me and I've now discovered that there's a very fine line between protection and insanity. Still, if I ever see that tattooed baby he's going to get what's coming to him.

Side note: When registering for gifts - a daunting task in itself - it's always good to have some fun. Upon being asked if we were registering for 'Baby' or 'Bridal' I gleefully replied, "We gon' do both!" Needless to say, I still wonder what Rachel sees in me.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Ultrasound - 20 Weeks

Friday was ultrasound day. Apart from the freezing cold belly-jelly, everything went wonderfully (Rachel didn't seem to enjoy the sneak attack jelly squirt...apparently there isn't a prewarming of the stuff). All pictures turned out well, except for the four-chambered heart picture.
The specialist couldn't get a clear picture because the baby's head is nestled down against his or her chest, blocking the camera.
At only 20 weeks, baby is being just as difficult as its parents...

Note: Baby's first caption bubble.

Check out the baby thumbs up on the hand picture!

It's truly an amazing procedure. I know most of our friends and family are "been there - done that" by now, but I still can't get over technology. Rachel watched in amusement as I stared at the screen trying to decifer limbs from torso from toes from fingers. They all looked the same...beautiful.

Note: What's the smallest size rainbow sandals come in?