Monday, October 16, 2006

Inchworm Shoes!

My apologies that most of these posts are about new baby products (I know not everyone is shopping like we are), but some of the new products on the market fascinate me.

This week, my new obsession is with Inchworm Shoes. They're shoes that grow (up to three sizes) with your children's feet. When I think of how quickly my nephew is growing, I'm scared to buy our baby anything that fits.

The Inchworm Shoe:

In other news, Rachel and I celebrated our first anniversary last night at a wonderful steakhouse, eating steaks, smelling steak smells, gorging ourselves on steak (and chocolate mouse...with steak). It was a great evening.

An amusing sidenote for those outside of Ohio...the All American Quarter Horse Congress is in town for the next week or so. It's the world's largest single breed horse show (what that actually means in size-terms, I'm not quite certain...It's been never since I've cowboyed). Anyway, the cowboys have been given a temporary home, but there isn't a place for the buffalo to roam; because they ate them all. Upon arrival, our waitress informed us that they were out of Top Sirloin, Kansas City Strips, Cowboy Ribeyes, and Porterhouse steaks. Apparently, the vegetarian dishes are not that popular this time of year.

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