Saturday, November 25, 2006

Craziness at the zoo...

It's that time of year and the ais putting on their annual Christmas lights show (For those outside of Ohio, the Columbus Zoo is comparable to the San Diego Zoo, only our lions and elephants are a hell of a lot colder right now).

It was great to get out, but the stroller gridlock was horrible...add into the mix the fact that it was black Friday, and everybody already had the push-and-grab mindset. Pure mayhem, all in the name of Christmas. And although it was fun to get out, there really wasn't much we could do with Tenzin. I was trying to get pictures, but all I could really do was push him in front of stuff and snap a shot. "Here's Tenzin sleeping in front of an aquarium. Here he is in front of a goat." The irony is, I should have got a picture of him in front of the elephants, who were, ironically, hiding in the back, sleeping.

Tenzin handled it quite well, snoozing for all but the last 20 minutes...although those last 20 minutes, he made it quite clear that he was ready to go. He cried the rest of the way home, demanding to now why Mom still had her bra on. Calmer waters followed with new diapers and full bellies.

The video is dark in the beginning, but the lights are pretty nice:

We'd also like to thank Rachel's Uncle Phil for sending us some great Thanksgiving pictures from California. You know we wish we could have been there! Tenzin stared down that turkey like you wouldn't believe. In case you want to know what the tryptophan in turkey does to mother's milk, check out these pictures. after Rachel ate and fed Tenzin, they were both out like a light!!!

Well, sorry this is so short, but I've been summoned to a diaper blowout. Tenzin is growing, as are his bowels. You've got to see this! (Don't worry, I promise I won't post any pictures).

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