Friday, November 10, 2006

Oh, I got some Rachel boobie milk on me!!!

Yay! Rachel's family has arrived (well, half of them, at least!). Ashley and Cathy are finally here, with Steven and Steve coming on Thursday. We can't wait for them to arrive! (Steven, Tenzin says he hopes you had a Happy Birthday! He drank a bottle in your honor) Day 1 at the house and Rachel's sister was thrown straight into the mix. As you can see by the title of this blog, Ashley got her first dose of breast milk. Rachel was pushing the rest of the air out of the bottle when a small fountain fell on her sister. I like to think of it as her baptism into Aunthood.

Let me also say that Grandma Cathy is a natural. 100% proud. Upon arrival, she immediately took Tenzin in her arms and he cooed with his approval. She seems to be a pro at calming him down when he reaches maximum restlessness. She even took Tenzin for the day on Saturday, and Rachel and Ashley took the Ohio State game. (They had a good time…out of the house…woohoo! - but we really need to work on Ashley's clapping. She's going to get kicked out of the state by Buckeye fans if she doesn't start cheering at touchdowns, field goals, and turnovers).

We've had a couple of rough nights. Not all have been bad, but it appears as though Tenzin still likes to party till dawn. He usually wakes up around midnight or so and waits patiently, open-eyed, till sunrise. We've tried, to no avail, to flip around his hours, but nothing seems to work right now. I've searched every Starbucks for baby coffee, thinking I could pump him full of caffeine during the day, but apparently infant espresso can stunt a child's growth. So we'll have to wait, for now, and see if he can alter his sleep patterns on his own.

In other news, Sunday was a great day for me. The girls went shopping, so we had a boys' day out on the town. We went shopping, saw a college friend (Katie Comer) at a local coffee shop, cruised the newborns in the pink section at Babys-R-Us, and wowed the elderly at Old Navy. Tenzin, by the way, is a hit with the senior citizens. I was told numerous times just how blessed I was by every blue-hair in the store…not that I needed to be reminded. He's more popular than an early bird dinner at Cracker Barrel!

We've got a big week ahead of us. In addition to Steven and Steve's impending arrival, Jared and Brandi Sweitzer will also be arriving. All of this, mind you, is happening during OSU/Michigan week. I can't wait to show the Thomas family how crazy it is in Columbus this time of year. 110,000+ in the stadium, with another million fans tailgating outside. We'll start slow with a boys' night out at a Blue Jacket's game on Friday (as a warm-up), and figure out Saturday gameday from there.

As a sidenote, the family now has cable and internet at the house now. We finally broke down and stepped back into "modern world." So if any of you have Yahoo Instant Messenger, send us your handle and we'll get the webcam going. As entertaining as the pictures are, we'll be more than happy to link up with you and show you some real-time video footage. If we can get audio, I might even be able to get him to coo coo coo (or detonate one of his patented "man farts").

So sorry it's taken so long for an update, but as I'm sure you can probably understand, things have been quite the circus around here. He's growing so fast that we're just trying to keep up. The doctor says he's grown almost two whole inches, while gaining over a pound. It looks like it's all in the cheeks and neck! His legs are still as skinny as ever, but his face is definitely filling out. Too many drinks and the "freshman 15" are staring to show!

More to come…I promise.

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