Friday, January 12, 2007

Update, finally! With Pictures!

Forgive me friends and family, for it has been a bazillion years since my last post...

First off, Tenzin has grown!!! I know for some of you that's not very surprising, considering you've been through this before, but a little part inside of me honestly felt like he was going to stay that small forever. He is definitely growing out of new-born phase and straight in to baby-phase.

What's the difference, you ask? It's simple...chubby cheeks, a Buddha belly, stocky legs, and a FULL ASS DIAPER!!! (I was not cursing there by calling it a "full ass diaper," but rather referring to it by it's contents, as in, "Rachel, come here and see this! He doesn't have any ass left. It's all in his diaper."

What can I say, growing-baby poop is amazing! Mind you, I realize we still haven't reached the run-out-of-the-room-it's-burning-my-eyes stage. I know we have a lot more in store in the future. However, there is a definitive change afoot and the transition period is fascinating.

OK, enough poop's not like this is the dinner table or something (there's an appropriate time and place for poop discussions...for new parents, it appears as though it begins at dinner...I'll spare you any more...we'll be more than happy to sit down with you for a meal, though!).

Where to begin? Time. Where do I start about time?!?! I'd, again, like to apologize again to you all for not updating. Apparently, I had a lot of "time" on my hands before Tenzin was born. As for where that "time" went, I have no idea.

You see, there is no longer such a thing as free time, per se, but there are giggles. Let me explain...

Free time is similar to time, only it is time you wasted. You might have thought you were reading, jogging, updating a blog, or partaking in some other hobby during this free time, but you were in fact wasting time...Precious, precious time where you could have done absolutely, positively nothing. Glorious nothing. I remember those days.

Now, however, free time has been replaced by prepping baby bags, bathing, changing yellow ochre-filled diapers (sorry again...poop talk), soothing, cooing, bouncing, burping, rechanging changed diapers, making faces, warming bottles, prepping for daycare, and so on....and so on....and so on....with

And believe it or not, when you're at your wit's end, sleepless for three consecutive days, covered in spit up and breast milk, delusional and underfed, sans social skills, with bloodshot eyes...........out of nowhere comes the giggles.

Our son will look up at us, just as tired as we are, likewise crusted in fluids, filled with gas, and he'll 1) smile, 2) smile and coo 3) smile and giggle.

Then it all makes sense. We are no longer our own reason. He is now our reason. For everything.

I'll exchange free time for that smile and giggle any day of the week.

So it's been hectic as hell lately, but hectic with wonderful chaos and (eventual) giggles. We might be lacking sleep, but we're more awake than ever.

Here's our new favorite pastime...the bathtub:

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