Sunday, February 11, 2007

Please Poop!

Somedays you pray for your child to stop crying. Other days, you pray for your child to poop. Parenthood is an odd mistress!Some of you might remember the last post saying that Tenzin was fighting a cold. Well, the cold came and went (and a thousand gallons of snot was sacrificed to the suction gun Gods) and we headed back to work/daycare on our regular schedules. One week passed and the cold came right back again. Sheesh.

What exactly happens to those boys and girls at daycare? George Dubya Bush needs to invade the preschools of the world. Those little boogers are the most dangerous chemical weapons under the sun! A one year old with a dirty diaper can do more damage than an Afghani with hand-me-down weaponry.

Luckily, Rachel’s immune system withheld the recent health breach and no adults were forced to sacrifice any white blood cells. Tenzin still sounds like an 80 year old smoker, but he’s slowly recovering (this reference is even better when he’s drooling with his pants at his nipples). We’ve had to watch him closely, though, because his lips were drying up and he showed some signs of dehydration. The cold medicine was clogging up his system and he hadn’t pooed in almost a day and a half. He was NOT happy. I’ve never seen him twist and turn so much, all in the name of a tight stomach and a number two on deck. Fortunately, the turtlehead popped out of its shell and all is now good (in case you were wondering, I have over 108 different ways to reference pooping without actually saying it…stay tuned for more).

Today was actually pretty eventful, considering we’ve been held captive by single digit weather for the last two weeks. We went to the Franklin Park Conservatory to check out the Dale Chihuly Garden of Glass/Orchid Forest exhibits, and wrapped up the day at the Park of Roses library. I would like to say that Tenzin enjoyed both, but he didn’t even crack an eye the entire time we were out. We even ran into Sarah, Mike and Henry, who apparently had the same approach to managing their February cabin fever (only they walked to the library…we’re lazy!).

That’s about it for now. Only thirteen more days till California. I would say that we’re nervous about this trip, flying with a four month old on a germ-filled plane - but hey - he’s been to daycare. I think he’ll manage.

As a sidenote, do you think Tenzin is used to flashbulbs?


hepcatrayo said...

Just so everyone knows, the "No Poop Private" decided to "Number Two Skadoo" four times during the OSU basketball game while we were watching him on Saturday. When it rains (think about that for a second) it pours!

the larsons said...

James, he looks so big sleeping in his crib. How sweet!

I vividly remember Stella not pooping for TWO WEEKS on a few occasions. Yes, we called the doctor, who assured us that though it was a long time, babies who were breastfed often had stretches like that. But when it happened, Oh Lord, I still can hardly talk about it.

Good luck on your much needed trip to Cali!