Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What a fun weekend...

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A big special thank you goes out to the Murdock family for their hospitality this weekend. A great time was had by all and the experience was exactly what we needed!

Lisa had invited us up to their St. Mary's lake house for Memorial Day (an invitation that we still think was given in jest, but you all know that it's never safe to joke around with the Thornburg's!!!).

St Mary's is usually about 45 minutes away from Columbus, but Ohio Highway Patrol was out to insure that our drive was a safe one. It ended up being a much lengthier hour-and-a-half. Seriously, they were parked about every 5 miles or so. As a side-note, anybody that drives drunk or speeds on Memorial Day weekend deserves their punishment.

Anyway, long story short, we arrived with every intention of camping in the front yard, but Ted & Lisa would here nothing of it. Seriously, we had tents and sleeping bags all ready to go!

They were so nice to show us a good time. We barbecued, drank, shared parenting stories and played some poker. Tenzin and Madison had a blast. She's grown up sooo much since I saw her last (Tenzin's baby shower in Columbus!).

We had planned on leaving Monday morning, but Ted coaxed us into going out on the pontoon boat with the jet skis. I'm so glad we stayed. It was such a good time for us and so much fun for the kids. And let me say one thing: The only thing more exciting than flying across a lake at 50 mph on a four-person jet ski is seeing your wife flail through the air and into the water on a turn. Sorry, Rachel! Luckily the water was warm or else I'd be writing this from the couch.

This weekend also gave me some ideas. Why hasn't anybody invented a waterbed crib? That rocking motion is like baby Ambien. Tenzin was out cold for the first hour!

We also had quite a bit of spit-up. I hope it wasn't a result of seasickness, or else this kid is going to have a looooong road ahead of him. We'll have to train that stomach for future fishing trips with West Coast Grandpa!

All in all, we couldn't have asked for more. What started out as a random road trip turned into a wonderful, wonderful weekend. Thanks again, guys.

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