Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'm Becoming a Priest

These are my kind of sisters!

Spanish sisters who drank beer for 45 days straight as part of a medical research project are part of a growing trend to study nuns whose unique healthy, celibate lifestyle makes them ideal for such purposes.

Every year hundreds of Catholic nuns are weighed, measured, poked and prodded in the name of medical research, the US ABC News reports.

In a study recently conducted by the Centre for Information on Beer and Health in Spain, 50 nuns drank a half-litre of beer every day for 45 days. Six months later they took 400 milligrams of hops, reported Reuters.

The study found that cholesterol rates fell by 6 percent in those sisters with high levels.

"We did it for the good of humanity," Sr Almerinda Alvarez told the newspaper El Pais.

I think we should request formal canonizing from the Vatican (6% lower cholesterol might miracle-worthy, but working the medical system for free beer is God-like!!!).

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