Monday, July 16, 2007

Dads on film...

I've decided that you could look at the following picture in one of two ways:

Option 1 - The dad - like me - finds situations like this funny and decided tossing his child into the air would make for a hi-lar-i-ous photo. A friend - not a spouse - snapped the pic, thus causing quite a stir in their household upon its discovery. Dad was wrong, pic was not funny. As a result, father promised to never toss the baby again, nor be so dumb as to capture such incidents on film.

Option 2 - The baby is from the Matrix. Dad tried to hold on to baby, but baby's mad Neo-like skills took over. Look at that baby float away!

Although Option 1 is pretty likely in our household, how cool would it be if Option 2 happened?

"You are the One, Tenzin James. We must go see the Mommyoracle."

I need to see if Rachel has any 21 pound test fishing line at home. We're going to take the You Tube movie to a whole new level.

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