Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Partisan Books for Kiddies

I was working today (not a word, Deena!) and I stumbled upon this book.

I had written a super-long post on the many reasons why I find books like these HORRENDOUSLY DEPLORABLE, but it turned into a bunch of political hoohah so I deleted it. Instead, enjoy the summary of what would have been my post:

a) Kids are pure and innocent.
b) Why in the hell would you want to expose your kid to politics before they absolutely, positively need to?
c) I'm afraid of raising an Alex P. Keaton.
d) Tenzin poops a lot.


Oh, and we're heading out to California on Friday. Looks like we're showing up one week late. Had we flown out 6 days earlier, we could have gone down to Laguna Niguel so Tenzin could see his first train.

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