Thursday, July 05, 2007

Tenzin's Friend Lauren

Tenzin's friend Lauren ("Tiny" according to her doctor) is a feat of genetic engineering. At 6 foot 3 and 235 pounds, we're anxious to see how she'll perform on the women's ultimate fighting circuit.

Seriously though, at just a month older than Tenzin she is now a little over 27 pounds and 30 inches tall, thus placing her in the top 97% of height and weight. Surprisingly, her dad has yet to put golf clubs in her hands (I think out of fear that she'll out-drive him off the tee!).

Anyway, we just can't believe how much she is growing, so I thought Chris and Deena might appreciate some help putting it in to perspective.

She's really quite small if you compare...

She's weighs as much as:

.135 Tom Cruise's
.027 Male Polar Bears
19.2 Breast Implants
72 Hockey Pucks
1.91 Spider Monkeys
432 Human Eyeballs
.002226 African Elephants
.024 Right Whale Testicles
.245 Jennifer Anistons
31.4 Cans of Soda
.157 Kegs of Beer

And she's as tall as:

.3529 Shaquille Oneils
.00171 Empire State Buildings
.128 Small Intestines
.0005 Golden Gate Bridges
.092 Weinermobiles
.0635 T-Rex's (Dinosaur, not the band)
.428 Giraffe Necks

In case you want to know how much of you come in each of the aforementioned items, check out the Weird Converter.

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