Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sleep Strong...

Just like his daddy, this little boy sleeps hard. You could drop a tornado on a snare drum covered in xylophones and I swear he wouldn't budge. It's no wonder that when he wakes up, it looks like he's been in a three year coma.

Here's two pictures from the past week that (easily) prove his sleeping prowess.

Picture 1:

Rachel and I got a little drunk downtown and accidentally left Tenzin sleeping atop a 72-floor skyscraper. As you can see, there were 20 mph westerly winds.

Picture 2:

Tenzin slept fell asleep next to a tesla coil while cuddling with his metal-lined emergency blanket in his stainless steel stroller.

It burned the hell out of his nipple rings.

The face is priceless. Looks like his dad from 1996 to 2000.

Here's a side view:

In other news, get a load of this. Yet again, he looks like his dad circa 1996-2000:

Actually, he might have a little more balance.

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