Tuesday, January 08, 2008

For next year's Thanksgiving...

I promise to post a real entry soon, but I MUST share my culinary delight.

Move over Turducken! Next year I'm going to cook a Turgoobagowllardoussinailtripigantickbury.

It serves 125, contains 50,000 calories and takes eight hours to cook.

A Turkey, stuffed with a Goose, stuffed with a Barbary duck, stuffed with a Guinea fowl stuffed with a Mallard, stuffed with a Poussin, stuffed with a Quail, stuffed with a Partridge, stuffed with a Pigeon squab, stuffed with a Pheasant, stuffed with a Chicken, stuffed with a Aylesbury duck (it would taste like ass without the Aylesbury). Oh, and a fruit and herb stuffing.

Anybody know a Giant Eagle with pigeon squab?

And I know the dish is bird themed, but I can't help but want to wrap it in bacon...and cover it with gravy...and deep fry it...with a twinkie.

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the larsons said...

That is the most repulsive thing I've ever seen, next to a few things I was served in Kiribati.

Hope you guys are well!