Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

For quite some time now our friends in the North Carolina mountains, Eric and Marian, have been posting a little ditty called "10 On Tuesday," where they will reflect about 10 things going on in their lives. Well, Marian is slacking (hin, hint), so here's my first Ten On.

1. We chickened out in getting Tenzin's first haircut on Saturday afternoon. The hippies at work (myself included) had a river clean-up that morning and by the time we had finished, I realized what, exactly, we were about to do. So I faked exhaustion and we said we'd wait until next week to get it cut.

I don't know about Rachel, but I wasn't tired. I kind of like having a little hippie baby. I already went through it once when my little brother was a kid (his nickname was "Lampshade"), so I can do it with my own child. So yea, I'll probably be tired on Saturday.

And the people that mistake him for a little girl are idiots, anyway. Who thinks the baby in the camo pants with a skull-and crossbones hoodie and a black-and-white checkered pair of Vans is a girl? Yes, it's true, Rachel and I are training the future lesbians of Ohio. Sheesh.

2. We're super pumped to have Steven and Ashley fly out in just a month and a half. The trip to DC is going to be a blast [see: spy museum]. We'll be sure to get a ton of pictures. Does anybody know if it's legal to put your kid on Lincoln's lap?

3. Tenzin is now mock-talking, saying the first sounds of any words you want him to say. For example, popcicle is now "popa," bellybutton is "bellbu," and Dad is "beer."

On a side note, it's kind of embarrassing when your wife and 17-month old speak Spanish when they don't want you to know what they're talking about.

4. Rachel and I are in desperate need of an adult night out, but the problem is every time somebody offers to babysit for the night, we just want to go home and sleep. This is usually around 7:30pm.

This parenting thing...it's a whoooole new world.

Maybe one of these days we'll enjoy a romantic 3:30 dinner at Denny's or the MCL Cafeteria. Then we'll go hold hands at the drugstore soda fountain.

5. Gas prices are now insane. If anyone is looking to buy a Ford F-150, I'll sell you ours for a tank of gas.

6. Tenzin loves watching birds from inside his bedroom. Rachel hung up a bird feeder with suction cups to the outside of his window, and now cardinals and finches fly to and from his room. We'll sometimes peek in to his bedroom when he's waking up from a nap and he'll be staring out the window, watching whatever happens to be flying by.

We were even outside one day when the birds were chirping and I could have sworn he said "bird." Then again, he was also with me, so he could have said, "beer."

7. Putting baby clothes into consignment isn't easy. We recently dropped some of the little man's clothes off at local shop (I like to call it Baby Pawn). The next day, I rode by on my bike and saw some of his outfits sitting out front on a rack. I still remember the days and location in which he wore them (poor Rachel...she actually had to sort them out).

If he doesn't stop growing up, he's grounded.

James Money Making Scheme #18c14p: Start a business cataloging children's clothes, putting them into storage pods like an over sized photo album. Then, at their convenience, parents could drop in and reminisce. POM = Portable On-Demand Memories. Mothers would want it and fathers wouldn't understand why they needed to pay for it.

8. I'm looking forward to our stimulus check, because I know some bar-owners that could use some stimulating.

9. This guy is an idiot, not because he gave his 7-year old son alcohol, but because he spent $7.00 on a drink. Always catch your buzz BEFORE going in to the stadium. I prefer Pedialyte Martinis with a playdoh wedge.

So basically, every time you see that Caution: Contents Hot on the side of your coffee cup, now you know why.

10. My lunch is over in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

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