Monday, August 21, 2006

Nothing New, but New Nonetheless

Rolling, tumbling, spinning and swirling…Legs and limbs are EVERYWHERE! Baby is officially in baby form. When feeling Rachel’s tummy, you can now get all the kicking and punching action you want. It’s not just a bump anymore, but a hand-like/foot-like/head-like object, distinguishable on the surface. It’s amazing to actually feel the body parts. You can press lightly on one area and feel another area shift over. Not much to report right now. Still expanding and growing (both of us…I’m 13 months to Rachel’s almost 7). Clothes no longer fit like they used to and Rachel’s still getting used to her “mom jeans.” Sorry love, found the clip and I had to :).

Shopping is a whole new experience, though. We now know the wonders of the “Maternity” 300% mark up. If an item has that simple word on it, you’re automatically allowed to triple the price. It is a close relative to the “Baby” mark up, and a distant cousin of the “Wedding” multiplier. For example: We went to the outlet malls on Sunday. We were looking for furniture and wanted to do a little shopping around. I saw a sock store and expounded that I needed some short sport socks (exciting, I know). Bought a 4 pack for $6 dollars, only to find a 3 pack (baby-sized) at the Osh-Kosh store for $22 dollars. According to the calculations, 3 socks x 1/10th the fabric = we’re learning how to knit. We’re finding solutions for a lot of things. Did you know an adult diaper can hold 6 times the volume of a newborn diaper? By using Depends instead of Huggies, we’ll save $3000 per year! Not to mention, we’ll only need to change the baby once or twice a week! Why nobody has tried this before, I’ll never know.

So anyway, we should have a better update by Monday, the 28th. The next doctor’s appointment is on Friday and I’ll get to hear the heartbeat for the first time! We’ll try and get another hang loose hand sign from him/her.

And speaking of him/her…we just saw Ricardo, Theresa and their new boy Raymond on Sunday. With two children, Theresa says that there is a LOT of truth in the Chinese birthing calendar. Every friend (but one) that has referenced the calendar has guessed right as to whether or not they were having a boy or a girl. I’m happy to report that Rachel just ran our numbers and as of right now, it says we’re having a boy. As much as I’d like to say I don’t believe the Chinese calendar, one thing's for certain; their cookies don’t lie! This is from when we were trying to get pregnant:

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