Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Stroll for a Cure Sunday

What a crazy month! It just feels like we never stop running. I understand that this “parenthood thing” is a fast-paced go-go-go environment, but this is getting ridiculous!

Health-wise, Tenzin and I have been battling the flu off-and-on for the last four weeks. He’s officially adopted the moniker “Smokey,” given the hacking phlegmy cough he’s perfected. I seriously think we could hike up his pants, give him his bottle of Maloxx, comb over his combover, snot-up his nose, and drop him off in front of an elderly care facility and they would sign him in as a senior citizen without a second glance. He just looks (hilariously) like a senile 85 year old man when he’s at his gooiest.

Sicknesses be damned, we did what most people do when they’re under the weather and walked a 5K. This past Sunday was the 15th annual Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in downtown Columbus. The race has grown in to a HUGE event, now hosting 37,000+ racers and raising over $2 million. 75% of that money is used locally for education and screening throughout Ohio, and the other 25% is used to fund national research for a cure for breast cancer. The race itself is really a site to behold. All of downtown is flooded in a sea of pink with walkers/runners/wheelers hooting and hollering as they sing and dance their way around downtown. My brother Jonathan and brother-in-law Mike take things a little more seriously, actually participating in the “Race” portion of Race for a Cure, while Rachel, Tenzin and I Lollygag for a Cure at a much, much slower pace.

The event is perfect for Tenzin; he’s such a little ball of curiosity. There is nothing that little kid loves more than a good walk with some scenery. Rachel and Tenzin even have a new favorite pastime during the day where they’ll walk down to the elementary school (about a half a block down the street from our house) to watch the kids play at recess, or load and unload from the busses. He’ll just sit there in awe at all the commotion as the kids run and play (while Rachel chokes back the thought that he’ll - one day - be old enough to attend elementary school!).

Oh! And here’s some breaking news for you: the teeth have arrived!!! We’ve got one tiny pearly white poking through his bottom gum, with another tooth fighting to surface. His mini-chiclets are coming in (surprisingly) without much fanfare; just a little whimpering and ear-pulling. Nothing a little dab-o-Motrin can’t cure (we leave the whiskey on the gums for mom and dad).

Seeing as he’s growing up, we decided to add a small regimen of solid food to his diet. Much to his Aunt Sarah’s dismay, he now eats at least three T-Bone steaks a week. Joking of course, but he does sound like a little hippy with his new diet. He loves his yams, cantaloupe, sweet potatoes, peas, and bananas.

Unfortunately for Tenzin, we just recently discovered that bananas are to his ass what lit cigarettes are to the drought-ridden California landscape!!! Seriously, there is no greater diaper rash than a banana-stimulated diaper rash. If Tenzin was Superman, nanas would be his kryptonite! Before this discovery, we blamed everything from daycare to diapers for his sandpapered bum. Poor guy. Took us forever to realize that the bananas were the culprit. Oh, the irony that our little monkey can’t eat his favorite fruit.

Tenzin will also have some visitors this week. Brandi is in town from Arizona and Aunt Ashley will be arriving in just a few days from California. We checked Tenzin’s Blackberry and it looks like his dance card will be full for quite a while. He’s been busy with preparations, honing his coos and giggles. Nothing but A-material for the next week!

That’s about it for now. I’ll try to add some simple picture updates throughout the week. I’ll even snap a picture of the tooth if you can tell me how to take a picture of the inside of a baby’s mouth without pinning him down via duct tape/crowbar. Deena, you were right!

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