Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Laziness or Creativity?

The Podee Hands-Free bottle feeder is basically a small tube that attaches to a regular bottle to (supposedly) make milk time work a lot easier. It's rigged so you can set the bottle next/near/on top of the baby and just give them the nipple...kind of like if your wife had Inspector Gadget boobies.

The Podee® Baby Bottle is a welcome solution to today’s time crunch when it comes to feeding babies. It’s a complete system that includes an 8-ounce bottle and all the necessary parts. The Podee Baby Bottle ends dropped bottles, allow for upright feeding to help reduce ear infection and colic. It’s ideal for feeding multiple babies at the same time. Meets safety standards.

I hadn't seen these before, but something really set me off. Maybe it's just because I actually enjoy holding my son, but can we get any lazier as a generation? Next thing you know, you'll be able to buy baby colostomy tubes and peelable clothing.

Anybody that has ever tried these/seen these/know about these, please feel free to leave something in the comment section. The site says that the company formed in the early 80's, but I just can't see something like this being around that long. Like I said, i don't know what it is that creeps me out about this thing, but it just does.

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Deena said...

I could actually see a use for this. Last night I almost lost a bunch of hair and skin on my face, as Lauren decided it was fun to pull on these things while eating. She also doesn't like to lay down much anymore, so that can be a struggle. I would not give it to her and leave her in her crib, playard, etc., though.