Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Oops I crapped my pants....

From the Website:

Imagine this: You are dating someone new. He/she invites you to a romantic, home-cooked dinner at his/her place. After dinner, the curry he/she took the time to make for you is not sitting well. What do you do?

Imagine this: Your son is 9 months old and has consumed nothing but pureed mixed vegetables and cantaloupe for the last six hours. In addition, the tab on his diaper has come loose during a nap and is now hanging from his hip like a gun holster. You've already showered, shaved and dressed for work, but find yourself residually nauseous from the head cold HE brought home from daycare. What do you do?

All things considered, I know the product is a gimmick given it claims to form a "translucent seal" over your business, but if they made it for infants I can honestly say that I would have tried it by now.

Some of them have been that bad.

Rachel's taken a lot of the burden.

I love my wife.

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