Thursday, July 19, 2007


Sorry for the last post about the rug. For those of you that don't know, I recently started a new blog that concentrates on technology, green tools, and design. Unfortunately, a recent head cold has placed me on a diet solely consisting of Benedryl, Sudafed, Alka Seltzer Cold & Cough, Claritin D (did you know you have to place your first born on collateral to by Claritin D in Ohio?) and Coor's Light, so it's easy to get two blogs mixed up when you're seeing triple. Check it out if you want.

In other news, Tenzin is almost healthy now. We've kind of kept a lot of you out of the loop concerning his health just so we wouldn't create excessive worry, but for a while there Tenzin sounded like a three-pack-o-day smoker. He's better now, but I'm afraid that the nicknames "Smokey" and "Wheezy" might stick.

Doctor's prognosis was baby asthma. Nothing to be overly concerned about, but something that did need immediate attention. We now have him on a nebulizer (see: expensive air mattress pump) and a steroid.

In the beginning, the nebulizer treatments weren't exactly welcomed. You're basically spraying evaporated medicine in to your child's face for about 20 minutes. The first two treatments consisted of me holding Tenzin's arms to his side while holding the gas mask near his face. Although he cried quite a bit, I think it his mom was the majority tear-holder.

Without too much worry and concern, the doctor hinted that we could also perform the treatment at night and during naps. Although it wasn't as successful as we had hoped, I now know that if there is an emergency and we can't get Tenzin to rise from his slumber, a nebulizer wakes him up (immediately) from any deep sleep (and keeps him up and up and up...thanks, Doc).

Fortunately, the treatments are almost over and we'll no longer host the baby pharmacy that is our bedroom. The steroid was completed yesterday and aside from a little back acne and punches through the nursery drywall, I didn't see any noticeable changes in Tenzin's demeanor(that baby has some major rage issues).

On the flip side, we leave for California tomorrow and I'm interested to see how much fun it'll be to fly with pumps, hoses, and electrical equipment; we might as well wear fake beards and green headbands. Of course, I've never been the smartest flier. I'm always the guy that puts on the button-fly jeans, steel-toed boots and cuff-links the morning of a flight, not realizing in the slightest that I'm adding four extra hours to my security screening. However, I am proud to say that I have no shame in dropping my pants in public and believe the entire C Concourse has, at one point in time, seen my boxers. Unfortunately, they're my boxers that have bearded men in headbands on them, thus adding to the circle of wanding at the screening station.

So as you can see I'm looking forward to California, just not the "getting there" part. Pray for us and our Sherpas (who will be carrying our 3000 lbs of gear needed to food, clothe, and shelter a baby on a four day trip).

PS Props to my wife for bleaching and sterilizing the entire house, doing the laundry, watching our son, cleaning out the truck, changing the bed, and organizing packing lists for all four of us (the diaper bag is, in its own way, an entity). This was all done on Wednesday. In 9 hours. By herself. With Tenzin in the house. Does anybody know where I can buy a Meth drug test kit?

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