Friday, September 07, 2007

Lil Conan O'Brien

Baby born with a full head of Elvis-style ginger hair

Last updated at 22:09pm on 6th September 2007

Every parent hopes their baby will attract admiring glances.

But adorable as she is, Katie-Lee Webster receives attention for only one reason - her spectacular shock of ginger hair.

At only ten weeks old she already has the flowing locks of a child several times her age.

Her mother, Stephanie Pleasance, said: "Most people when they see a baby say 'Isn't she cute?'. When people see her, they say "Look at her hair!'."

Katie-Lee's father, Danny Webster, added: "No one we've met has ever seen anything like it - we're forever being stopped in the street and asked, 'Is that a wig?'."

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