Friday, September 07, 2007

Slacker post...with pictures!!!

OK, so I've been reeeeeeeaaaaalllly slacking on the posts lately, but for good reason. Brandi, Jared, and Jared's girlfriend Erin were in town and we all know that when Brandi is in Columbus, our schedule is packed to a tee! So here's some pics to tide you over until I have some time to unwind. Jared and I are headed to a soggy Akron/OSU game tomorrow, so I should be ready to type come Monday (I allow for a day of rest after an OSU will be much needed!).

Tenzin getting ready to get smothered in affection.

Let the smooches begin.

Grandpa with two of his babies (one in the background, one being held).

Lauren can't decide if she wants to let him in or not.

Since she's walking, she might as well teach him how to read.

Brandi's on her flight back to Phoenix. Do you think he had a good time?

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