Saturday, March 15, 2008

Prayer Part 2

I know I should have updated the last post a long time ago. I'm sorry I didn't, but it isn't easy to transition from a post you're uncomfortable writing into a post you're uncomfortable writing.

What can I say?

I'm uncomfortable talking about another family, but the fact that a lot of you responded with interest makes me want to say something. What? I'm not sure. But I think I'm still crossing a line by talking outside of my own personal family.

Here's the update...

They are still going as strong as they can. The father and mother still have drive. The child is fighting.

Imagine a boxer after a fight. Well, this kid has gloves. He's scrapping.

And while there are other complications that continue to come with the territory, I need to first and foremost point out that I'm amazed at their emotional buoyancy (all of them). Such levity, be it from a child or parent staring chance in the face, overwhelms me.

They're holding on by completely letting go. They know the odds. Hands are in the air. Prayers have been made. Remade. Reremade.

Long story short, their son is still fighting. And he continues to fight - just as his parents continue to hope. What more can they do?

Keep sending you prayers to whatever God you keep in your address book.

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