Thursday, April 17, 2008

Flight of the mashed potatoes...

I had a big/long/elaborate post planned about how I'm now so much more organized and 100x more efficient, thanks to a new pocket planner I've been carrying around, but it seems that after a week and a half in service, it states (sadly) the following:

6 Coke 4 Diet 4 Sprite


Point Break, The Musical

That's it. Nothing more.

The soda was a vending order for work, and the second note hinted at an awesome Broadway production I've been working on in my brain factory. So while I might not be able to put all my ducks in a row, I am, however, pitching ideas to an imaginary production company that specializes in funding crazy.

How's this? Casting for the parts of Bodhi (Kevin Bacon), Johnny Utah (yours truly), FBI Agent Angelo Pappas (Don Johnson), with Lori Petty's character Tyler to be as triplet sisters Scarlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz, and Jessica Alba (in Point Break, The Musical they make out with Johnny Utah for most of the production...there's really not much left of the original plot).

You're sayin' the FBI's gonna pay me to learn to surf?

But I digress...

Efficiency (or lack thereof) aside, things have been crazy and they appear as though they're only going to get crazier. I really need to work on a system for getting everything organized AND continue to post here more often.

It's kind of funny, because I really do feel guilty if I don't write on this thing that often. It's always a lot of fun to reflect on the last day/week/month and look at all the good times and bad. It's a fun, introspective way to see your life; almost medicinal, but always grounding. While the nuances of life might get you caught up in a moment, taking the time to reflect on that moment diffuses any of the bad and intensifies the good.

For instance, this week, we logged four of Tenzin's emotions in 5 seconds. We call it Flight of the Mashed Potatoes...


...turns to anger...

...turns to aggression...

...turns to remorse.

There wasn't any editing, Photoshopping or rearrangement of those pictures. They really were taken in that exact order, right before Rachel was pelted with a plate.

Was it funny at the time? No. But looking back on it after the fact is downright hilarious (although Rachel might have a different opinion).

I miss sharing plate-peltings and other poop-filled happenstance on a more-than-average basis. Maybe I need to try one of the Larson's 10 on Tuesdays. And think about it, if that's just 5 seconds out of our day, imagine what the other 86,395 seconds look like. I need to stop slacking on the blogging and get more of our awesomeness to print (sorry, I can't help it, but our son is the most amazing child on the planet...I am, therefore, obligated to share his genius).

Moving on, like I said it's been another crazy week. So much has happened, but for now, it looks like I only have time for the highlights. Sigh.

We spent Saturday in Jamestown for my Uncle Tim's 50th birthday. As soon as we arrived, we sat Tenzin down with my Grandmother and let him acclimate to his new surroundings (he typically likes to soak everything in before destroying the environs). It wasn't until I plopped him on the couch and saw the picture before me, that I realized I need to stop saying that we need to get him down to his Great Grandmothers' (plural) more often and actually get him down to his Great Grandmothers' more often.

He just sat there content as can be, watching the other youngin's play with their toys. He has this odd patience about him, where he needs to wait until he feels the time is right to join the others. Plus, it's always nice to have a Great-Grandmother's arm around you!

After about ten minutes or so, he was ready. Balloon time!

Little Man loves him some balloons. Most of all, he loves rubbing them with his fingertips and making that loud, chalkboard sound. But I must say, it's a lot better taking a Tenzin-thrown balloon to the head than a Titleist 3 golf ball (Murphy's Law of Parenting #3478: If your son throws a golf ball, block, stool or plate, it will hit your head, elbow, toe nail or knuckle, in that particular order).

Henry and the Rayo's were there, too. Tenzin loves his cousin and would follow him to the ends of the earth if he could. Personally, I love watching Tenzin as he learns from Henry, and likewise Henry as he teaches Tenzin. It's this innocent/naughty give and take of an older generation passing it down to the next. Henry's definitely at the young boy phase of life, whereas Tenzin is still the developing toddler. It's amazing to see that the age gap is so small, but so much can be learned in such a short period of time.

For example, how to burn off that last bit of energy before bedtime. Notice how Tenzin intently studies Henry's footwork, and how Henry has perfected the "energy burn" so well that he begins to liquefy. Very advanced for his age!

It starts out here...

and off he goes!!!

They're so funny together. I can't wait until it's warm enough to go the pool. We really need to start thinking about swim lessons and all the summer stuff that's been in brain hibernation since November. Tenzin and Henry are going to have such a great summer.

Well, lunch is over so it's back to work.

Quick question...does anybody know who designed the sets/costumes for the Lion King? I need somebody to design some over-sized president masks for a bank robbery dance number.

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